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Dalainor s.l.

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About Dalainor

DALAINOR S.L., leader in lamp design and quality for over two decades, operates from our manufacturing base in Northern Spain throughout the world to provide the market with an updated and fashionable approach to lighting and home decor products, as befits the image of a pioneering company in the furnishing of the home.

The pride and skill of our artisans is evident throughout the entire collection in the meticulous detailing, superb designs and fine quality. You will find a series of distinguished traditional and contemporary designs, each a reflection of the good taste inherent in the Dalainor name. Our lamps are truly today's treasures, tomorrow's heirlooms.

To capitalize on this reputation for quality and design, the Company will soon broaden the line to include additional home decor accessories.

Dalainor's customers include mass merchandisers and specialty retailers, primarily in North America and Europe. In the last 20 years we have been exporting to high-end retailers and catalogs such as Pottery Barn (USA), William Sonoma (USA), Crate&Barrel (USA), Restoration Hardware (USA), Otto (Germany), El Corte Inglés (Spain) and Le Dauphin (France).

Distribution center:

  1. B° Itxaspe 3
  2. Itziar-Deba
  3. Tel: 943 199 215
  4. Fax: 943 849 145
  5. e-mail:

Central office:

  1. Barakaldo 29 - 3C
  2. 20600
  3. Eibar
  4. Gipuzkoa
  5. España